Tangling with Style

I thought that I'd start a new page with my adventures in Knitting!
I came to Oman prepared to concentrate on embroidery and lace in my "spare" time because it would be too hot to knit - WRONG!  It's just what you need for those brain dead evenings in front of the TV and (most importantly) under the airconditioning!!!!!

Of course I arrived with three needles, all the same size and no yarn.  A trip to Dubai, meeting the lovely Ravelry ladies in a little cafe there and starting a new stash has helped enormously.  I now have three things planned!

I've enrolled in two on line classes with Craftsy and we'll see how we go!

A very dark picture of the blocked lace pattern
Easy and very cute
The first (and largest) project is a top down lacy cardie.  I've even been sensible and been swatching (of course I had to buy  a set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles to do that............).  The wool arrived yesterday and a ball was promptly stolen by the cats and partially trashed.  I've left the trashed bit for them to play with.

It's here!
It is a lovely wool/silk blend, custom dyed for me by the lovely Jocelyn Viernes of Dubai Knits.  It's he faith hope and love line in Spruce.  Yummmyyyyyyy!  It's divine to work with, but it's only a four ply so it might take the whole time we're here to knit.


  1. Not involved in any knitting Olympics, are you ;)

  2. I do like that lace border. Good luck with it! I've not been brave enough to do a jumper of any sort in years. I'm scared the fit will be wrong after all that work (like the last one I did!)

  3. oooo er its quite nice isnt it :)