Saturday, 11 February 2012


A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria has piqued my interest.  There, in the long portrait gallery, was this portrait:
A not great photo, but check out the sleeves, the partlett,
and even better, the coif!!!

Detail of her head-wear and partlet

Smaller detail of the coif, showing the wired veil

Velvet sleeves with separate tabs and ruffs

The Hankie

What an excellent project for Oman! First the head-wear, which seems to be in three pieces.

1. Wired veil - seems fairly self explanatory, but quite short.

2. The fall - which at first glance seems fairly standard, but where on earth does it come from?There appears to be a white band under the lace of the coif which may be where the fall itself is attached, so it may be a separate piece.

3. The coif:  The coif has a band with a bag attached.  The band could be lace, there are certainly plenty of lace patterns that look like that.  Interestingly, the bag has a net so it may possibly be burato.

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